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Publications in Top Russian and Foreign Journals and Monographs

Publications in Scopus and WoS Journals

Umar Z., Manel Y., Riaz Y., Gubareva M. (2021). Return and volatility transmission between emerging markets and US debt throughout the pandemic crisis. Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 67. № 101563.

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Chapters in Monographs Published by Foreign Publishing Houses

Teplova T., Mikova E. M. (2017). Mean Reversion Effect and Contrarian Strategy, in: Information Efficiency and Anomalies in Asian Equity Markets. L., NY: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group. P. 89-112.

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Publications in Top Russian Economics and Finance Journals (in Russian)

Teplova T.V., Sokolova T.V., Galenskaya K.V. (2019). Drivers and Brakes for the Development of Corporate Bond Markets in Developed and Developing Countries. Voprosy Ekonomiki. № 3. P. 77-100.

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Teplova T.V. (2011). Effective Financial Director. М.: Urite.


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