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Conferences and Seminars



 December 12, 2022  - Master class teaching the students and research fellows how to work with the RU Data database.
 November 10, 2022 - Master class by Teplova T.V. for applicants to the HSE FMI program and for all persons interested in the problems of financial markets and investing.
The master class presented statistical data and emerging trends in the global financial market and local markets such as China and Russia. An analysis of the main threats to investor portfolios was carried out. An overview of how the segments of the financial market feel during periods of high inflation and armed conflicts was presented. We compared the opinions of experts and analysts regarding the possible development of events in the financial markets, as well as those recommendations that are given taking into account risk acceptance. Particular attention was paid to the events in the bond market of the Russian Federation and the corrections that investors are forced to make with their portfolios.
 May 24, 2022  -  First International Conference on Market Sentiment and Investment in Emerging Markets (MSIEM-2022), organized by CFD&DA.
Khan A., Munir Q. Subnational public debt: Vertical fiscal imbalance, decentralization and growth.
Munir Q., Teplova T.V., Hammad U. Connectedness among oil market, equity markets, precious commodity and global economic policy uncertainty: Evidence from major South Asian countries.
Kok C., Munir Q. The Saving-Growth nexus in selected ASEAN countries: The evidence from non-linear panel ARDL approach.
Hammad U., Munir Q., Teplova T. Conditional volatility and correlations between sukuks, stocks and gold in the GCC region.
Munir Q., Teplova T., Khan A. Causality and dependence between commodities prices, forex markets, economic uncertainty, and equity market for BRICS countries: Evidence from quantile causality and cointegration method.
Emrouznejad A. Relevant problems and research issues in the area of Artificial Intelligence and big data.
Teplova T., Gurov S. New evidence on the impact of implicit trading costs on asset prices in the Russian stock market.
Tomtosov A., Babkin A. Rethinking the threshold between selectivity and market timing. An opportunities approach.
Teplova T., Sokolova T., Panteleeva I., Kissa D. Analysis of ESG determinants of company-specific risk by means of Explainable Artificial Intelligence.
Faizulin M. The impact of retail investors' sentiment on Russian equity returns: Determinants of platform strength and sentiment divergence.
Kurmashov A. The effect of macroeconomic surprises on the Russian bond and stock markets.

 December 5-6, 2021 - International Conference on Sustainable Islamic Business and Finance.
Teplova T., Mulyukova Е., Munir К. Does Singapore's Secondary Housing Market Confirm Traditional Set of Pricing Determinants?
Тeplova T., Sokolova Т., Lysenko V. Government Bond Yields Dominant Determinants in Emerging Markets: The Resource-Based Case of Brazil.
Sokolova Т., Khaniev А. The Nonparametric DEA Method for Portfolio Constructions in the US Stock Market.
 August 3-6, 2021 - World Finance Conference 2021.
Teplova Т., Sokolova Т., Tomtosov А. A Nonlinearity of Social Networks Influence on Stock Trade Characteristics: The Case of the Russian Market.
Teplova T., Sokolova Т. What Are the Key Drivers of Financial Constraints in the Former Communist Bloc Countries?
 May 24 - June 1, 2021 - Summer School for Students and PhD Students of HSE «Testing of Factor Investing Strategies with Application of Python: Specifics of Work with Data and Academic Methods of Analysis».
Lecturers: Teplova T.V., Sokolova T.V., Tomtosov A.F.

April 13-30, 2021 XXII April International Scientific Conference on the Problems of Economic and Social Development (Moscow, HSE):
- Тeplova T., Lysenko V., Sokolova T.V. Revealing surprises of government bond yields of BRICS coutnries with optimization of ARDL model.
- Teplova Т., Mulyukova Е. Green bonds premium: differences on developed and developing markets.


 April 10 - XX April international scientific conference on the problems of economic and social development (Moscow, HSE).
Fasano, A., Teplova, T., Sokolova, T. Active share and closet indexing in emerging markets.
Rodina V.A., Teplova T.V. Reinvestment risk premium in the UK and US bond market: evolution and dynamics.
 April 26 -  31st IBIMA International Conference (Italy, Milan, International Business Information Management Association)
Teplova, T.V., Sokolova T.V., Galenskaya, K.V. Ownership Structure and Obstacle to Finance under Control of Institutional Environment and Bond Market Development.
 April 12 -  XIX April International Scientific Conference on the Problems of Economic and Social Development (Moscow, HSE)
Teplova T.V., Sokolova T.V., Teplov A.S., Galenskaya K.V. Drivers and Brakes for the Development of Corporate Bonds Markets in Developed and Developing Countries for the 17 Years of the XXI Century
 Nuvember, 8-9 - 30th IBIMA International Conference (Spain , Madrid, International Business Information Management Association)
Teplova T.V., Sokolova T.V., Teplov A.S., Volgina N.A. Are Institutions a Driver or an Obstacle to Development of Local Currency Corporate Bond Markets?
 June, 15-17 - Second World Congress of Comparative Economics «1917 –2017: Revolution and Evolution in Economic Development» (St. Petersburg, HSE).
Teplova T.V., Sokolova T.V. Foreign Direct Investment as a Driver of Macroeconomic Development and Accretion of Intellectual Capital
 July 26-28 - World Finance Conference (New York).  
Teplova T.V., Mikova E.S. Momentum and Reversal Trading in Russian Stock Market: How to Limit Losses.
 April 10 -  XVII April International Scientific Conference on the Problems of Economic and Social Development (Moscow, HSE)
Teplova T.V., Sokolova T.V. Comparative Evaluation of the Efficiency of Raising Funds by Issuers of Ruble Corporate Bonds
 April, 9 - XVI April International Scientific Conference on the Problems of Economic and Social Development (Moscow, HSE)
Teplova T.V., Mikova E.S. Decomposition of Cross-Sectional Momentum and Contrarial Strategy Returns: Behavior or Rational Explanation on Russia Capital Market
 December, 12 - World Finance & Banking Symposium (Singapore).
Teplova T.V., Mikova E.S. Momentum Effect on the Russian Stock Market. Whether Emerging Markets are not Profitable for Momentum Strategies
 April 3 -  XV April International Scientific Conference on the Problems of Economic and Social Development (Moscow, HSE)
Teplova T.V., Sokolova T.V. Analysis of the Investment Attractiveness of Emerging Corporate Bond Markets in National Currency
 April 3 -  XV April International Scientific Conference on the Problems of Economic and Social Development (Moscow, HSE)
Rodina V.A., Teplova T.V. The Merger of RTS and MICEX: a Comprehensive Assessment of the Effectiveness of Structural Changes in Terms of Macro- and Microenvironment
December 16-17 -
World Finance & Banking Symposium - Beijing, China.
Atskanov, I. "Volatility Spillover and Shock Effects from South Korean and Japanese Stock Markets".

 December 11-12 - Conference on Finance and Banking,  Indonesian  Financial Management Association - Indonesia.
Teplova, T. «Assets pricing with  Size, Value and Momentum Effects in The Tokyo Stock Exchange».

 September 30 - October 1 - Conference "Europe and Asia-Pacific Countries: Problems of Interaction" - European Union Center in Siberia & Irkutsk State University - Irkutsk, Russia.
Teplova T., Sokolova T. "Collaboration Among OECD, APR Countries And Russia Regarding Capital Markets Integration Processes".

 September 12-14 - Conference of Eurasia Business and Economics Society - EBES - Ekaterinburg, Russia
Rodina V., Teplova T. "Liquidity Component of the Equity Premium: The Case of the Russian Equity Market in the Crisis and  Post- Crisis Period".

 May 31  - XI International Conference "Public Management - Russian Federation in the Modern World" - Moscow State University - Moscow, Russia.
Teplova T., Sokolova T.  "Russia in World Financial Community: Russia Joining to OECD. Financial and Legal Restrictions on Capital Movement - Are They Necessary?"

 April 18-19 - IV International Scientific-Practical Conference «Modern Financial Markets: Development Strategies» - Saint-Petersburg State Economic University - Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Yavorskaya A. "Analytical Comparison of Effectiveness of Private Companies and Companies with State Participation ".
Teplova T., Sokolova T. "Liberalisation of Capital Movement Regarding OECD Commitments: Unresolved Questions and Consequences of Removing Restrictions on Capital Movement".


 November 2-4  - Conference of Eurasia Business and Economics Society - EBES - Warsaw, Poland.
Teplova Т., Asaturov K., Sukhorukova K. "Volatility spillovers on different equity markets".

 October  - Conference «Augustin Cournot Doctoral Days» - Strasbourg, France.
Milevskaya M. "Green Shareholder Activism as a Response to Financial Crisis"


April 20-21 - International Student Scientific-Practical Conference
Zaltsman A. "Determinants of Dividend Policy of Russian Companies".


  European Financial Management  Symposium - Renmin University of China - Beijing, China.
Teplova T.; Mikova, E. "The Validity of the CAPM in the Russian and Kazakhstan Capital Markets with GLS risk measure, Conditional Meansemivariance and Higher-order Moments Specifications".


October - ESSCO Seminar "Dividend Policy on Emerging Capital Markets" - Angers, France.
Teplova T. "Review of Dividend Policy on Russian Market and Determinants of Dividends"


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